Smart Money Decisions

Do you end up putting off financial decisions because you aren’t sure how to make them?

Do you ever wish you had a trustworthy resource to learn about financial topics that impact your life?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch a video or have a resource that gave you a basic understanding and listed the trustworthy websites for current and more information?

Would it help if you could learn how to improve your credit score, understand social security options, know what questions your teenager should ask before signing up for college and a thousand other financial decisions we tackle BEFORE making a decision?

Here’s an inexpensive resource that can help!

Smart Money Decisions

Only $19 per YEAR!

We don’t get lots of training on financial issues and things to consider when making financial decisions before we face them.  When we do face them, there is lots of information (and marketing) on the internet, but what do you trust and where can you find it easily?  We’ve developed resources that can help you quickly get up to speed on a wide variety of topics of interest to ALL ages, and where to go to get more reliable and current information.

We have over 40 short Smart Money Decisions Videos covering a wide range of topics.

Check out one of the videos

There are over 60 up to date Money Minutes at your fingertips that provide current information on what you need to know and the reliable, current resources to help you make smart decisions to either save you money, avoid pitfalls, or recognize current scams. Click here to get the Money Minute Sampler so you can see what you will be getting!

Twice a month blogs highlight a topic and video along with need to know information about things happening in real time.  The hot new scam, the best money saving tip or what you may need to focus on now to keep making smart money decisions.  This shows up in your inbox to help you with your everyday financial decisions and make the most of your hard-earned money.

Live webinars are offered twice a month at different times on topics that can help you learn about and stay on top of financial issues.  Topics include Taking Control of Cash Flow, Disaster Preparedness, Ten Ways to Trash your Credit (or not) and more!

Click here to get see or download the webinar descriptions and calendar for 2018!