What Can Disorganization Cost You?

What Can Disorganization Cost You?

Do any of these costs come to mind?

Average late fee for bill pay: $25
Extra interest on late bills:     $20
Lost gift card/discount card: $25
Missing return receipt: $50
Failure to cancel by deadline: $50
Missed conference registration deadlines: $75
Late airfare purchase:  $100
Missed rebate request: $15
Lost warranty repairs or missed extended credit card warranty: $100
Passed deadline for reevaluating insurance: $100
Failure to file claims: $30
Missed coupons: $5
Failure to cancel Dr. appointment/lesson/tutoring/etc.: $50

Do all of these 3 times in a year= $1,935 a year! That’s a lot of vacation!

Now let’s think about time wasted: The Wall Street Journal published a study indicating that the average employee wastes nearly six weeks a year looking for information in their office. I haven’t found a study on homes, but I bet it’s at least half! Since I’m the organized one, I think I spend that much time at least looking for my husband’s glasses, keys and cell phone, let alone where the mayonnaise is (IN THE REFRIGERATOR!!!!!)– but that’s another issue!

Okay, being organized could save you 3 weeks a year and enough money to enjoy those three weeks! I’m motivated. I may have to give up one of those weeks getting and staying organized.

The other upside to organization is reduction in stress, which improves clarity of thinking. Being organized for when life throws you curve balls, so you’re prepared, is beyond value.  If you’ve been procrastinating on your paperwork management success plan for this month, think about this:

You will most likely save somewhere between 2 weeks and $1,500… Hmm…a week in the sun in January? To me, this sounds worth the time it will take to get organized. How about you?

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