Tips for College While Keeping Costs in Mind

Tips for College While Keeping Costs in Mind

As we head into the Holiday season, we will soon share the things that we are all grateful for (things we have received and the gifts we will soon give).  One of the things we have found is that often times people wish they put as much time, energy, and money into giving their children a financial boost for college. Some of our most successful clients have had parents, grandparents, and other family members wrap up a small gift for under the tree and have also included a monetary gift for that child’s college fund.  So, as you’re getting ready to go into this Holiday Season, we thought it might helpful for us to unwrap more about college funding.

Video Resources

Fiscal Fitness Clubs  Don’t know how to start saving for your child’s education or want a second opinion on your current strategy? Not problem! We’re here for you! Let’s set up a FREE 30 minute consultation and we’ll guide you on how to get started. Schedule your appointment HERE!

Pew Research Center   Here you can find the statistics that were referenced in this video that support why a college education is worth more today and how college earnings go beyond benefits.

www.Raise.Me  Students as early as in the 9th grade can go here to begin earning micro scholarships by earning A’s, participating in sports, or doing charity work. The money earned will go toward the tuition for one of the participating colleges of the student’s choice.  Students and parents can go here to explore careers.  What to see what the cost of college will be like? Curious to find out how much you’ll need to begin saving? Go here and try out their calculators.  Do you live in Florida and want to secure the cost of a state university? Explore and find out about paying today’s cost for your child’s future higher education.

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