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When you look ahead to this year…which is you?

Our last blog talked about projecting your taxes, so you can see what’s coming and plan for it. A lot of what planners do is look ahead to see what is coming and what could be coming, so you can have what you need ready.  At Fiscal Fitness Clubs, we’ve broken down these tasks and given you step by step instructions and support to make it easier, because we know that managing your money and doing planning can seem [...]


What’s Behind the Net Worth Door?

What can you learn from your Net Worth statement?  Net Worth statements provide a check for what is changing from year to year, but they also have some great hidden ratios that help you understand your patterns.  Here’s what to look for: What changed from year to year? If net worth went up in investments or reduction of debt, GOOD! If it went up due to new possessions (like a car or home), NOT GOOD! If net worth stayed the same, but debt went [...]


Being the Director of Getting Things Done!

That’s your title this year! You have taken on the challenge of being the “Director of Getting Things Done”, so you can get what you want from your money! Now, every “Director” needs a good assessment of where things stand and what needs to be done. After that, prioritization becomes important. Last month you got your paperwork organized, and that is good because you’re going to need to use that paperwork to complete this month’s projects: • Copying and renaming your Fiscal [...]

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