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Being the Director of Getting Things Done!

That’s your title this year! You have taken on the challenge of being the “Director of Getting Things Done”, so you can get what you want from your money! Now, every “Director” needs a good assessment of where things stand and what needs to be done. After that, prioritization becomes important. Last month you got your paperwork organized, and that is good because you’re going to need to use that paperwork to complete this month’s projects: • Copying and renaming your Fiscal [...]


What Can Disorganization Cost You?

Do any of these costs come to mind? Average late fee for bill pay: $25 Extra interest on late bills:     $20 Lost gift card/discount card: $25 Missing return receipt: $50 Failure to cancel by deadline: $50 Missed conference registration deadlines: $75 Late airfare purchase:  $100 Missed rebate request: $15 Lost warranty repairs or missed extended credit card warranty: $100 Passed deadline for reevaluating insurance: $100 Failure to file claims: $30 Missed coupons: $5 Failure to cancel Dr. appointment/lesson/tutoring/etc.: $50 Do all of these 3 times in a year= $1,935 a year! That’s a [...]