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When you look ahead to this year…which is you?

Our last blog talked about projecting your taxes, so you can see what’s coming and plan for it. A lot of what planners do is look ahead to see what is coming and what could be coming, so you can have what you need ready.  At Fiscal Fitness Clubs, we’ve broken down these tasks and given you step by step instructions and support to make it easier, because we know that managing your money and doing planning can seem [...]


10 Quick Rules About Open Enrollment

1. Block out time as soon as you know the date you need to make your selection by. Block out 1 hour for 2 days to dive into the options and create a list of your questions for your workplace benefits contact.  Plan for additional time to research the best choices for you. 2. Sign up for the no-brainers like all the disability coverage that is offered. If you really can’t afford all of the disability coverage that is offered, [...]


You Won a $5,000 Shopping Spree!

If you won a shopping spree of $5,000 at an electronics store, how much planning would you do before spending day?  We were surprised that most employees only spend an average of 30 minutes on selecting their employee benefits. It seems like our brains just see it as another chore to race through. Considering that the majority of employees also depend greatly on their employee benefits for their financial well-being, this was a surprise to us!   On average, benefits are 30% of salary [...]

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