Our goal is to help you control your financial habits, so that you get what you want from your money and labor! (...and have some fun while doing it!)

The 2013 American Psychological Association Stress in America Study found that…

“71% surveyed report money as the leading source of stress.”

Barnaby B. Reider, chief strategist of Reidel Strategy, on The New York Times

“Every single financial decision is either moving you toward or away from your ideal life. To me, that’s a fascinating idea…Your ideal self and your financial self are often at war.”

The first step is an individual consultation with a Financial Coach to see if we are right for each other. Together we will explore what you are looking to get from your money and how we can partner in helping you achieve your top financial goals. You can then determine if membership is right for you!

We're Not for Everyone

Fiscal Fitness Clubs grew from the need to provide real life workable solutions and financial planning knowledge to individuals and families. It is also based on an understanding that spending money is a habit and education alone is not enough.  Our goal is to make developing skills to manage personal finances affordable for everyone.

Our use of proven psychological methods of creating behavior change increases the chances of success dramatically, but the program is not for everyone. People who are facing bankruptcy, have alcohol or drug addiction issues, or are in the midst of a life crisis may find the program too difficult to stick with. If this applies to you, we are happy to make referrals.

For everyone else, we have a program for you!

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