Peace…What Would Financial Peace Look Like For You?

Peace…What Would Financial Peace Look Like For You?

One of the things we wish each other during the holiday season is PEACE. When I feel peaceful, it is amazing. It’s a quiet swelling of joy in living. But, the question is, how do we find peace with money? According to polls, money is is the #1 stressor for Americans.  Stress caused by money turns out to be a great blocker of peace.

So, what would financial peace look like for you?  The easy answer that jumps out of many people’s mouth is “a million dollars!”  (Inflation should have us asking for more.) But wait…lottery winners tend to experience an increase in stress and conflicts with friends and family. In addition, the divorce rate for the wealthy is not any better than for the middle class, and it’s been found that estate conflicts over money (even when there is more than enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle for all) are not uncommon.  Money doesn’t solve every problem, so the answer to financial peace is not necessarily to be rich.

Your definition of financial peace may be different from mine.  Give yourself a gift this holiday season and take a few minutes to identify what financial peace would look like for you. Beginning to work towards it may be the best holiday gift you can give yourself and the foundation for a long lasting “New Year’s Resolution”!

Here is what creates financial peace for me:

  • To know I can meet my financial obligations for the foreseeable future and not live paycheck to paycheck.
  • To not have debt, other than mortgage, hanging over my head.
  • To know that if the car needs tires, the house needs a roof, or a medical bill comes up, that I have built the expenses into my budget and can pay them.
  • To have my spending, values, and goals match.
  • To have money each month funding those most important values and goals.
  • To know that I have taken the steps to make sure that my tomorrows will be safe and pleasant.
  • To feel confident that I have been a responsible adult and made sure that when life throws curve balls at me no one will be unsafe, because I have analyzed and addressed common risks to the best of my abilities.
  • To savor my choices of discretionary spending and feel the joy that can come from a purchase knowing it isn’t taking from my peace.

Our wish for you during this time is that you find your financial peace this holiday season and next year as well. 

Share your version of financial peace below  or send us a video telling what it means to you to We will use it to feature it on an upcoming blog to inspire others.

PS. If you’re still looking for a gift for someone that adds to their financial peace, you can give a Anchorgift of membership to Fiscal Fitness Clubs (as long as it doesn’t disturb your financial peace!).  Call us today at 720-507-8535 or send us an email at

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