Monthly Action Classes

How do I attend?

  • Attend the live class held at your employer’s location
  • Participate in the live Saturday webinar (Club Members FREE, all others complete registration form).
  • Listen to the recorded class available to Club Members and spouses by logging onto your online classroom

Who can attend?

  • Club Members are FREE! Enter your online classroom HERE!
  • Employers interested in exploring our Financial Wellness Program, request a FREE promo code to attend a class by sending your request to:
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Getting Organized! Paperwork Management

This class will provide you a file management system with folders and categories. It also has helpful hints of what to put in each file, WHY you want it, whether it goes in a cloud, on paper, and/or wallet, and when to toss or shred. We’ve even set up the folder system to load in your cloud.

 The GOAL: Create a filing system for both paper and cloud


  • Saves you time, money and frustration throughout the year
  • Have the right documents at the right time
  • Be prepared for crisis with critical information

This action class will prepare you for the year to come and give you the ability to manage your finances and papers efficiently. Your coach is just an email away to guide you through any confusion with the files, purpose and using your secure Fiscal Fitness Family Security Folder. It’s part of your membership so take advantage of this class and its tools!

Take Stock! Annual Financial Summary & Analysis

We’ll walk you through completing an annual review to check your progress and make plans for the year using the Fiscal Fitness Workbook, which you and your coach will analyze. You will evaluate your budget and net worth statement, so you can plan to get what you want from your money this year!

The GOAL: Have completed list of goals, net worth, account lists, advisors, and cash flow plan.


  1. Be clear on what you want from your money! (YOUR GOALS)
  2. Ability to easily see your progress or lack of it by what has changed in your net worth over the last year. (NET WORTH)
  3. The list of accounts and advisors will make it easy for you (and your coach) to address issues throughout the year, AND you will have the extra benefit of being prepared if life throws a wicked curve ball and someone else needs to step in on your behalf. (ACCOUNT LIST & ADVISORS)
  4. See where you spent your money last year and make choices on where you want it to go this year! (THE PAST & THE PLAN CASH FLOW)
  5. Capability to estimate and build into your budget those “non-routine expenditures” easily. (MONTHLY/ANNUAL PROJECTIONS) (Other pages in the workbook will be completed later.)
  6. Your future assignments, retirement projections, insurance analysis will all start with the information here!

Prepare! The Tax Man Cometh or Taxes!x@!#

We know you really don’t like doing this, but we’ll make it as easy as possible. Besides, you might even find some last minute moves you can make that will make you dance! In addition to funny cartoons, we will be giving you good practical advice on how to prepare and get the most from your tax advisor. This will also set the stage for making tax moves this year to make next year less, well, taxing!

The GOAL: Prepare your tax records and strategies


  • Easy to deliver records to your tax advisor or use in tax software
  • List of goal appropriate tax strategies that can still be implemented to reduce taxes
  • Projection of this year’s taxes and moves you can make throughout the year to reduce your taxes and match withholding.
  • Getting it done before April!

Working Money: Investments Review

There’s more to managing money than return. This class will cover RISK, RETURN, FEES, TAXATION, & IMPACT ON DIFFERENT TYPES OF GOALS to help you determine whether your money is placed in the right place at the right time. We will give you some of the easy to use calculations and guides that professionals use and give you the questions to ask your advisor.

The GOAL: Develop your own investment policy statement, understand the components you need from your investments, and learn how to talk with your advisor.


  • Confidence that you know the right questions and how to evaluate answers
  • Ability to make more informed choices when offered options
  • Creation of your own Investment Policy Statement to share with your advisors and avoid misunderstanding

Protecting You & Your Family: Personal Insurances

You need to develop strategies and determine the right insurance products to protect you and your family. 70% of families will experience a crisis in a 10 year period. You have around a 1 in 4 chance of being disabled at least three months during your working career. According to actuaries, you have a 100% probability of death at some point. In other words, at some time, something bad is going to happen and there’s a good chance the timing will be a surprise. Don’t compound the one crisis with a financial crisis.

Here are the stats:

  • 70% of families will experience a crisis in a 10 year period.
  • You have around a 1 in 4 chance of being disabled at least three months during your working career, and disabilities are the biggest cause of bankruptcy and major financial issues.
  • According to actuaries, you have a 100% probability of death at some point.

In other words, at some time, something bad is going to happen and there’s a good chance you will be surprised. Don’t compound one crisis with a financial crisis.

The GOAL: Understand and evaluate what cost effective protection you need and strategies to put in place.


  • You and your family will be as prepared as possible and wisely spend your protection dollars.
  • A plan will exist that your family can follow for various types of crisis.

Now, the brain has this amazing ability to quickly forget what it doesn’t want to believe. Do you remember the % of families that will have a crisis from the paragraph before? (No looking! That’s cheating!). Your brain will want to ignore this topic. Don’t set yourself and your loved ones up by following the confirmation bias, normalcy bias or optimism bias, which all want you to ignore icky topics. Come to the class and work through the issues. You’ll be prepared and everyone, including you and your rational brain, will be grateful.

Retirement: Projections & Planning

Retirement – the Dream! Who wants to be 80 looking for work in order to eat? For a dream to become a reality you need a plan. Retirement planning goes beyond how much you need to save and how to invest those savings. We’ll start with a minimum lifestyle budget plan and age 70 retirement. You and your coach will be able to play with the tool to see which combination of retiring earlier or with more money works for you. You’ll even know how many additional days your retirement will be deferred by, if you blow your budget by $250! This will help you make better choices.

The GOAL: Have an understanding of various retirement lifestyles and what each would require to achieve them. Strategies will be introduced that you & your coach can discuss.


  • Knowing the minimum and desired lifestyle requirements will allow you to make better choices during the year.
  • Do you want to buy lunch out every day, or let your future-self eat too by bringing lunch once a week?
  • Do you want to retire a year earlier or take a vacation this year?
  • If eating out at a nice restaurant puts your retirement back one month each time, do you want to become a gourmet cook?

You’ll learn the basics in this class and be prepared for a meaningful conversation with your coach.

Getting to Where You Want to Be: Goals & Debt Reduction

This class addresses efficient strategies for getting to your goals and reducing debt, which can cut years off from “your debt free date” without spending more money. After addressing debt, we walk through the steps for establishing goal timelines and creative strategies, tax efficiency, and money saving tips for goal achievement.

The GOAL: Reach your goals (vs. not getting what you want most from your money) by having a concrete plan and understanding of what you need to do to get there efficiently. This includes a debt reduction plan.


  • You will be clear on the choices – vacation or dinner out, debt reduction and stress relief, or the joy of a new purse.
  • You will know exactly what is needed to achieve each goal and be able to build it into your cash flow plan.
  • You will be prepared for working with your coach to have a plan for becoming debt free.

Face Life’s Challenges: Legal Documents & Crisis Planning

If you don’t know what you need or want, getting the right legal documents can be daunting & expensive. This class will help you create crisis plans and prepare you to get the documents you need at a reasonable cost! We will cover the various important legal documents, crisis planning, conversations between generations and what could cause the need for updating existing documents. You’ll get forms our attorney referrals provided that minimize the cost of estate planning. Special videos will be available for different topics in addition to the regular class, such as preparing to be a Personal Representative.

We will cover:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney
  • HIPAA Authorizations
  • Living Wills
  • Crisis Planning
  • Between Generations Conversations
  • Estate and Legal changes

You will be guided through the forms for each of these that will help you identify who will need to do what and what rules you want followed. We aren’t attorneys, but we have attorneys helping! We have special videos recorded for different topics that you can watch this month in addition to the regular class, such as preparing to be a Personal Representative. You will also be able to get answers from your coach when you run into problems!

The GOAL: Have a clear understanding of how to create a crisis plan and get the documents and plans in place.

The BENEFIT: You will save time, money, frustration and stress by being prepared with the right plans and documents WHEN they are needed. (And just think how glad you will be when it’s done and knowing that you won’t have to do much next year!)

Me? Sued? Liability Insurance Review: Auto, Car, Home, Umbrella, etc.

Who likes to waste money on insurance but who wants to fork over $500,000 of future earnings? You need liability protection and this class will cover getting the right insurance at the right price and what mistakes to avoid with insurers. (Did you know that, depending on your state and/or insurance company, if you don’t have your fishing boat insured on a base policy, it may not be covered for liability on your umbrella policy? Ask us about the widow who forked over 2 million dollars because of this oversight!) We’ll provide you with a “request a quote form” that makes it easy to compare prices.

The GOAL: Make sure you are adequately protected with the right deductibles in a cost effective manner. You will also update your Fiscal Fitness Workbook and Cloud folders, so you can easily deal with the hailstorm or auto accident, if it occurs.

The BENEFIT: Save money, time and possibly big bucks, along with a few headaches!

P.S. We know this is another class covering stuff people hate to do, so we’ll be bugging you to make sure you get this covered and out of your hair easily!

Get the Most from Employee Benefits

It’s easy to let last year dictate what you do this year with employee benefits, but that can be costly! This class will walk through how to evaluate your choices including health insurance, HSA or FLEX plan contributions, Roth IRA or regular IRA contributions, comparing life, and disability & other plans for your needs vs. outside plans, and critical facts you will need to know if you separate from service. A separate recorded class addresses executive benefit choices.

  • Evaluate health insurance options for cost effectiveness for YOU
  • Pick the right amount for your FLEX or Health Savings Account (HSA) plans
  • Choose between ROTH or regular IRA contributions
  • Select the right amount of life, disability or other supplemental plans for you based on health, as well as outside plan costs and potential future rights.
  • How to address non-qualified deferred compensation, stock options, bonus plan issues, and other unique corporate benefits.
  • What timelines and choices you should know, if you get separated from your employer.

The right choices can save you money and make your life easier. We’ll help you figure out what questions to ask your HR department, if needed. DON’T let past decisions cost you money! DO get the most you can from your labors that help you reach your goals.

The GOAL: Sign up for the right benefits at the right cost for your situation.

The BENEFIT: Save money, taxes, time, headaches and be prepared for the future.

If your enrollment period ends before this class, EMAIL your coach and get the help you need.

Year End Dance Steps: Taxes, Budget, etc.

Stop! Before you write that year-end check gift to charity, can you give appreciated stock instead and give away your capital gains too? Can you defer or should you accelerate your medical expenses? Are there tax moves you can make now that will help you reduce taxes AND achieve your goals more efficiently? This class covers the steps you can take before the end of the year to reduce taxes and help you achieve your goals. We’ll help you make decisions about withholding for next year. We’ll cover important tax changes for the next year, along with what you should discuss now with your tax and financial advisors.

This class covers:

  • The steps you can take between now and the end of the year to reduce taxes and help achieve your goals.
  • How to project your taxes for this year and next, and make some informed decisions about withholding for next year.
  • 2016 rules and 2017 anticipated changes in tax laws that may impact you.
  • What you should communicate and do now with your tax advisor and financial advisor.
  • Steps to prepare for tax filing, since you’ve got stuff out anyway!

The GOAL: Make sure you have taken advantage of all the possible strategies appropriate for you to save taxes this year and next.


  • More money for you and less for the government! (You can always make a donation, if you want to help them out.)
  • Tax efficient investing improving your rate of return.
  • Satisfaction that you WON the tax game! (Let’s face it – don’t you get satisfaction when you save even $20 on taxes. It feels better than a $20 coupon!)

After learning the strategies and tools provided, you can email your coach for advice!

P.S. Get a jump start on the holidays and check out our Holiday Planning webinar to help you stay with that budget by implementing creative solutions!

Holidays, Old Year, New Year: Annual Goals & Budget Review

As we go into the holiday season, followed by New Year’s Resolutions, it is helpful to remember what you really want from your money. By reviewing your goals and seeing where you stand on your budget, your chances of sticking with that holiday budget increase. You’ll have the help to make good New Year’s resolutions and be prepared for that New Year.

This class covers:

  • Strategies for keeping your goals at the top of the decision tree
  • How to review your cash flow & what discussions to have about money
  • Quick strategies to get back into your cash flow plan to finish the year strong
  • Steps to take to make realistic plans for next year

The GOAL: Retain clarity of what you want from your money and what it takes to get there so you don’t get sidetracked.


  • Financial PEACE
  • A cash flow plan you can live with
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