Mark Struthers CFA, CFP®

Mark Struthers CFA, CFP®

Financial Coach

I am a father of two who tries to practice what I preach. Being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with Fiscal Financial Clubs of America (FFC) allows me to provide real, affordable financial advice and still look my sons in the eyes when I tuck them in at night. Most financial services firms, including most other “employee wellness” firms, use financial planning as a con. They provided fake or conflicted advice to sell commission-based insurance products or other services, but not FFC. I am proud to join FFC because they have the same values; honest and transparent advice and coaching for the client’s success.

My first love was investing and trading. I worked in operations, on a trading desk, with a large institutional asset management firm, and have held the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation for over 13 years, giving me an unusual insight and expertise in using investments as a tool to reach financial goals.

My passion over the last 2-3 years has been to help families save and pay for college. I have made myself an expert, having education-related articles and writings published in major publications, such as NASDAQ and the Christian Science Monitor.

I believe that we all have different definitions of success. Being a father has substantially advanced my evolution as a financial planner and coach. Helping my sons find their passions and develop the habits to achieve their definition of success has helped me to not only grow as a person but also as a financial planner. My sons credit much of their success to a simple mantra: “Habits and time can be a powerful ally or a formidable adversary”

Hard work is only part of the equation for me, I am a firm believer that long-term success comes from: “focusing on what you can control and not getting too high on the wins or too low on the losses”. The season never really ends; you have to get in the habit of getting up each day ready to play.

“Habits and time can be a powerful ally or a formidable adversary”


Areas Of Expertise:

  • Investing
  • College-Funding
  • Student Loans
  • Small-Business Retirement Plans


  • Have previously held:
    • The Series 4, 6, 7, 24, 63 & 65
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation
  • Passed Level 1 of CAIA (alternative investing)
  • University Of North Dakota, BA

Work Experience:

  • Investment Advisor, Regional Federal Credit Union
  • CFA Content Writer, Kaplan
  • Independent Investment Manager
  • Trader & Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo & Ameriprise

Leadership & Memberships:

  • Study Group Leader, Minnesota NAPFA
  • Member, XY Planning Network
  • Member, National Association of Personal Financial Planner (NAPFA)

Media Mentions:

A great planning tip:

Knowing your risk and will reduce stress! Knowing what you’re risking from an investing and financial planning perspective, and, also from a career perspective, allows you to get the most return out of your unique situation.

Why I love what I do:

Finances affect every part of our lives. They affect our careers, our marriages, our families, and our mental and physical health. My knowledge and experience plays a positive role in making people happy.

What brings me joy outside of work:

My family and fitness. In addition to organized sports, one son rock climbs and the other does triathlons with both having success at an early age. Coaching and exercising with my sons has increased my physical fitness and brought me closer to them. Children will often open up on a 10-mile run or while climbing a 5.10. (My 9-year-old is doing as high as a 5.10c, which most adults can’t do – I am very proud, and I am going to toot his horn.)

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