January Challenge: Organize Your Paper & Cloud Files

January Challenge: Organize Your Paper & Cloud Files

One of the top resolutions for many people each year seems to be “getting organized” and that generally includes paperwork!  There are lots of reasons as to why you should do it this year and cross that resolution off your list!

The Goal:  

  • Implement and follow a paperwork management system that includes an organized and secure cloud folder.

The Benefits:

  • Save time and frustration when working on other tasks this year. How can you expect to put a net worth statement together or an insurance analysis, if you simply can’t find the documents?
  • Have all your tax documents ready, so it’s less painful when you file.
  • Peace of mind even in a crisis. Uploading your vital documents to the cloud ensures that they will be accessible from anywhere in an emergency…accessible by not only you, but by your executor, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, or HIPAA authorized individual. You can’t predict when a crisis will hit, but you can be prepared. “One crisis at a time” is our motto!  Who wants to be digging through stuff when somebody you love is in the hospital?
  • And most importantly, “getting organized” won’t have to be on the list again next year!

The Steps:

  1. Watch this TED Talk about the benefits of pre-planning organization for when we are under stress, which will highlight the benefits of your Fiscal Fitness Cloud folder system.
  2. Club members can attend a live class on Saturday, January 14th at 10:00 a.m. MT / 12 p.m. ET, or listen to the recorded class on the paperwork management system by logging into the online classroom.
  3. Club members can download the file folder labels and the paperwork system description – these can be found in your secure cloud folder under “permanent files”.
  4. Gather the supplies you will need, clear a location to work in, and make sure you have room either in your current filing system or for setting up a new one. You’ll be able to find a list of the supplies you need in the online classroom, under the” action list”.
  5. Set aside a 2-hour block of time early in the month. If you don’t have a system established or have several years of paperwork to organize, it may take you more time. Remember, you are welcome to email us with questions about what to file where, or how to solve paperwork management problems at any time. We will get back to you quickly!
  6. Make it a habit to keep up with the clutter by setting aside 15- 30 minutes a week to address your paperwork.

If you want to watch a funny clip about disorganization, click HERE.

Interested in becoming a member of Fiscal Fitness Clubs?  Send us an email or set up a call HERE.

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