Individual Financial Planning

Individual Financial Planning

Price to be determined after initial
consultation with a CFP® coach

Individual Financial Planning

Our comprehensive, ongoing financial planning services involves working one-on-one with a Certified Financial Planner who has only has your interest in mind.. It starts with a detailed description of what you want your plan to achieve which is developed during your free consultation.  The financial plan will be developed based on your goals and issues. You won’t just receive a financial plan printout but a detailed list of your issues, analysis, recommendation, advantages and disadvantages and alternatives.  You will get all the information you need to make informed decisions and a knowledgeable professional to talk through them with. Together you will decide on your plan of action which will be summarized so it’s easy to follow. No one will be trying to sell you products or manage your investments; we are acting strictly in a fiduciary standard with your best interests in mind.

If you wish, you can then pay a monthly fee and we monitor and focus on helping you implement and stay on top of your financial plan.  This also means you have access to a financial planner to discuss important decisions you are facing. We will help you see the impact of your financial choices on your lifestyle now and in the future.

Corporate Executive Transition Planning

Being a corporate executive generally means you have wonderful and complicated benefits with complex tax situations. Far too many corporate executives fail to properly plan their eventual exit from their respective employers and end up losing money or benefits and paying higher taxes than needed. If at all possible, planning should start a year or two before the transition for the best tax and financial results. If you are thinking retirement or a different job may be in your future, it makes sense to create a plan for your success. Our team of dedicated professionals will provide end-to-end personal financial planning solutions designed specifically to help build, preserve, and enhance the wealth of corporate executives as they face the formidable challenge of planning their personal strategies for exiting the workplace.

(A more complete quote will be given after your FREE consultation. You can then decide if it is worth it for us to take the work off your plate.)

Planning Consultations

Sometimes individuals want consultations on specific issues or help through a specific project.  It may be the best way to fund education for your child, an updated retirement projection, an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of moving to a different state, budgeting, etc.  Schedule a conference call to discuss your needs and together we will figure out whether we are the right resource and the costs.