Individual Financial Planning Programs

Are these some of your worries?

  • Money makes me anxious day and night, and my spending patterns don’t help!
  • I have a hard time talking to my spouse/partner about money without creating conflict and insecurity.
  • I don’t know how to pay down debt, while still saving for my children’s college and starting to think about retirement.
  • I worry about my children, should anything happen to me and/or my spouse.
  • While I’m balancing work and home, with limited “me” time, it’s hard to find the time and energy to manage my family’s finances.
  • I need to make decisions about my employee benefits, but I don’t even know where to start.
  • I face financial decisions that I don’t really know the important criteria I should be researching.
  • I know I need guidance, but I want someone who doesn’t make me feel inadequate and who I can trust to be looking out for my best interest and not trying to sell me a product

Are these some of your desires?

  • I’d like to manage my money instead of letting my money manage me!
  • I dream of being on the same page about money with my spouse/partner.
  • I want to have the confidence that my next vacation or big purchase (like home repairs) are planned for and will not drive me into debt. As a matter of fact, I’d love to be debt free!
  • I want to have the money to give my child a solid start in life, like paying for their college education.
  • I’d like to feel at ease when facing the inevitable financial emergency, knowing the money is in the bank.
  • I aspire to have financial peace of mind!
  • I’d welcome the know-how, resources, and support to address & make good financial decisions.

You CAN develop your skills to manage personal finances!

Our goal is to help you control your financial habits, so that you get what you want from your money and labor! (...and have some fun while doing it!)

The 2013 American Psychological Association Stress in America Study found that…

“71% surveyed report money as the leading source of stress.”

Barnaby B. Reider, chief strategist of Reidel Strategy, on The New York Times

“Every single financial decision is either moving you toward or away from your ideal life. To me, that’s a fascinating idea…Your ideal self and your financial self are often at war.”