How HR Can Help In Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb

How HR Can Help In Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb

There’s a ticking time bomb out there that can cause collateral damage for your employees and lost productivity for your company. We don’t know how long that procrastination fuse is, but we know it’s lit! The bomb is the lack of legal documents. We don’t mean just wills either.  Having the right Powers of Attorney and HIPAA authorizations for family members can save time and heartache.

In a medical emergency, would your employees have the correct documents on hand to help a loved one? Would they be able to know what’s happening to an adult child or parent, so that they could make medical decisions on their behalf? Or will they have to spend hours tracking down answers because they don’t have the right documents?

How many will spend time quarreling with their siblings about their parent’s medical treatment only to find out that none of them are able to make these decisions due to lack of paperwork? What happens when you need to take over the finances of a parent, but don’t have the authority?  These are all distractions and frustrations that employees face when life happens without the legal papers.  That time bomb is ticking!  It’s really not that hard or expensive to put the answers in place, and our company could help by collaborating with your HR department.


Medical Power of Attorney allows someone to make medical decisions for you when you are unable (How clear do you think you are when in severe pain or throwing up?).  Everyone over 18 needs one of these with more than one person appointed beyond a spouse/partner. For those whose children go on trips or spend lots of time with grandparents away from home, they should have a minor child power of attorney.

Financial/Durable Power of Attorney allows someone to make and act on financial decisions for you when you are either unable or unavailable. If you, a parent, or child is in the hospital, who’s making sure that the health, long term care, and/or life insurance premiums are being paid so they don’t lapse?  If you have elder parents,  can you handle their finances in another state without having to go there every couple of weeks? Again, everyone over 18 needs one of these with a proxy they really trust.

HIPAA authorizations allow doctors and hospitals to share information. If your child is over 18, a hospital is not obligated to tell you how they are doing. If your child is two states away, and you can’t find out if it’s just an appendectomy, would you be on a plane?

There are more legal documents of course, but these three can be downloaded and completed for FREE.  How many hours of work and worry would be saved if your employees and their families had these completed forms in their files?

It’s time to stop thinking of employee benefits as just a set of products. They are solutions for your employees’ lives!  Why not share with them the August theme of “Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb” and share the link to  If you sponsor a legal package, what better time to highlight it. When allowing parents to add children over 18, why not offer the link to a HIPAA authorization form and Medical Power of Attorney at the same time? Help employees see how your package is solving and preventing their life problems.

Click here to read our blog for individuals on Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb.  As an HR professional, you can attend one of our classes for free and explore our class materials.

In our next class, we’re going to talk through DEFUSING THE ESTATE LEGAL DOCUMENTS BOMB! 
This class is scheduled for Saturday, August 13th @ 10 a.m. MDT/12 p.m. EDT. We’ll share explanations on each of the key documents employees should have in preparation for a crisis. You may even find that you could use some of them for you and your family as well.  Send us an email to to register for the webinar.

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