Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb

Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb

It’s time to get you’re A-team in action!There’s a family bomb out there and the procrastination fuse is burning. Almost every client we speak with says something to the effect of “Estate planning is on our to- do list. We really need to get it done”, or “My parents haven’t gotten any documents yet and they keep saying they’re going to and haven’t!” Our standard follow-up is, “Have you got yours done yet?”

There are lots of reasons people don’t get around to it. Cleaning the garage comes first, right?
We get it! Thinking about dealing with crisis and death, filling out legal forms, or meeting with an attorney isn’t exactly fun, but neither is paying bills, washing pots and pans, and going to work somedays. So let’s recognize procrastination for what it is…avoidance of the hard sides of life. But not having the documents is a ticking bomb, and bombs blow things up with collateral damage. We’ve all seen families torn apart after the death of a loved one, people bankrupt or in high debt when action wasn’t taken in time because of incapacity; or elderly people scammed out of their life savings because protection wasn’t in place. That’s a lot of collateral damage! Let’s get our own Bomb Squad (A Team, Leverage, MacGyver, NCIS, whatever) in action and take care of this bomb this month.

We have made it REALLY easy!
EXCUSE: I don’t know where to start. We have step by step instructions that explain and lead you through the process.

EXCUSE: I don’t know what decisions or information I need to make. We have a document you can use to discuss first with a partner/money buddy, and then a document that you can complete to take to an attorney or use with premade forms that has all the information you will need to complete your legal and estate documents.

EXCUSE: I can’t afford the legal fees. We have found a source of free forms for the power of attorney, HIPAA authorizations, and living wills, so you can get those done AT NO COST. We also have lined up some attorneys who will provide the documents with DISCOUNTED LEGAL FEES, because our coaches will make sure you have everything you need to take to them prior to their drafting the documents and have agreed to use our web conferencing for their first interview saving them and you time and money.

EXCUSE: I don’t know an attorney to use. As we said above, we’ve got some lined up to help our clients at reasonable fees.

EXCUSE: I don’t have the time. Our club members have committed to two hours a month in addition to the weekly 30 minutes. While you may not get all of it done in the 2 hours, you can get the medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, parental power of attorney, and living will done in the two hours. We admit, getting the will and testamentary trusts or living wills would take longer, but not much longer. You will have had everything done but two 20-minute appointments to meet with the attorney to answer any questions they have about what they received and another 20-minute appointment to sign the legal documents. While your next step is meeting with the family, you can put that off until next July’s Defusing the Legal Bomb action class or the Thanksgiving family dinner, if you have a macabre sense of humor. (Carol does it on her birthday…it drives the kids nuts!)

How to start:
• Download and explore Legal and Estate Issues Discussion page with a spouse/partner from the online classroom
• Watch the Defusing the Legal Bomb class in the online classroom (individual and club members only)
• Print off the rest of the resources in the online classroom, so you have all the sample templates, the questionnaire, and resource sites.

GO A-TEAM! The fuse is lit and it needs to be dismantled!

You can also attend our monthly  Coaching Hours to talk through these or any other issues on August 17th from 5 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. MT / 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. ET. The video link is available in your member calendar.

What’s next?  If you’re a club member, ask your coach for access to our Fiscal Fitness Playbook, so you can begin to plan ahead select who will serve as your proxy in different scenarios! If you’re not a club member, but are interested in learning more about our services, follow this link to schedule your complimentary call today and find out if we are a good fit!

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