Retirement Planning

Retirement Surprises

Did you know… Part of our retirement class is to create a secure lifestyle that can withstand change.  Think about change for a minute. How much has changed in the last 20 years?  What more will change in the next 30?  Below are some thoughts and implications of possible changes on retirement planning. If you’re 40 now, you could easily live another 60 years or more. Carol, our managing partner, is 67, and one of the “death clocks” said she would [...]


To Be or Not to Be…An Ostrich About Retirement

Maybe we should have a requirement? One that’s triggered right when you’re getting ready to look into buying home, where you get a projection that shows you how much income will be left over when you commit to this new purchase. This requirement would force you to look at what financial margin you’re left with AFTER matching your debt free date to your retirement. It would include: saving for retirement to fund 60% of your current lifestyle without a [...]

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