Tackling Death!

Life’s team has a really tough offensive player… …who has a great track record of ruining a team’s chance of winning the financial planning game. His name is Death! Sometimes he targets the quarterback, but he’s equally effective in ruining the game by taking out another team member. That means your team needs to evaluate strategies for being prepared no matter who is targeted. Knowing the consequences and being prepared, whether it’s you, a spouse, a partner, a former spouse, [...]


When you look ahead to this year…which is you?

Our last blog talked about projecting your taxes, so you can see what’s coming and plan for it. A lot of what planners do is look ahead to see what is coming and what could be coming, so you can have what you need ready.  At Fiscal Fitness Clubs, we’ve broken down these tasks and given you step by step instructions and support to make it easier, because we know that managing your money and doing planning can seem [...]


Don’t Get Taken to The Cleaners!

Avoid these 20 Mistakes with Property and Casualty Insurance  Here are 20 ways you can mess up your P & C coverage that can cause the insurance company not to pay claims. Now, not all of these are 100% accurate for every policy in every state, BUT they are worth examining and discussing with your company or agent. Mistakes we make as homeowners:  1. Not telling the insurance company (or county assessor) about any improvements made like finishing the basement or remodeling a [...]


Boring Chore Saves Real $$$

Could we get this as a Tweeter headline? Maybe if we added that Donald Trump says, “Boring Chore Saves Real Money!”, then we’d get lots of readers. We frequently ask people if they would take a junk job for a few hours a week at convenient times, would they do it so they could retire earlier. Most say, “YES”! Well, here is a boring job that will save you substantial money AND time in the future. It’s called (drum roll please…) [...]


Personal Protection: Tackling Death and Disabling Disability

You’ve just finished winning the semi-finals. You find out who you’re playing against next. They have some all-star players. They are REALLY tough!  You’re not only going to need great players, but you’ve got to have a game plan.  You can’t just wing it!  You’ve got to create some plays and run the drills until it is second nature. This month, in the financial planning game, we’re getting ready to deal with a couple of Life’s All Star players who can [...]


So, how do you protect yourself from the adult ghosts and goblins?

Ghosts, Goblins, Zombies, IRS audits, more bills than money, retiring on social security only…what’s the scariest for you? I’ve been through a medical emergency that created a financial crisis and came to the conclusion that “one crisis at a time is enough, thank you very much!” So, how do you protect yourself from the adult ghosts and goblins? Here’s just a few things you’ll want in your arsenal. Zombie repellant: Emergency Funds (3 to 6 months of expenses)– Emergency funds can be hard [...]

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