College Planning

What’s your child’s future and what are you doing to influence it?

Anybody who has a child has had at least a flashing thought about their future after high school.  It’s easy for it to flash through and then think…oh, but first I need to…STOP! First, you need to put a time on your calendar to start addressing this issue within the next 2 weeks. Set aside an hour this month to explore the topic and start discussions with your child.  Many years ago I was working on an education class, my [...]


Tips for College While Keeping Costs in Mind

As we head into the Holiday season, we will soon share the things that we are all grateful for (things we have received and the gifts we will soon give).  One of the things we have found is that often times people wish they put as much time, energy, and money into giving their children a financial boost for college. Some of our most successful clients have had parents, grandparents, and other family members wrap up a small gift for under the tree and have also [...]

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