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Geesh!  For what was supposed to be a paperless society, I sure get lots of papers….and emails that are like paper…they need to be tracked and dealt with.  It seems like some small thing needs to be dealt with like calling the bank and getting a charge reversed or updating somebody’s forms and that thing will take an hour and it has to be done during business hours and…..! put it to the side to deal with…later. You know what [...]


New Year’s Resolutions – Olympic Style!

The trick to creating good New Year’s Resolutions are making them meaningful, memorable, specific and trackable.  Here are some strategies to help do that! Define your goals as precise as a balance beam routine.  Having your short, intermediate and long-term goals so precisely defined that at any moment you know where you stand, will go a long way towards keeping them in front of your memory AND money.  If you know that spending $200 on dinner is delaying your retirement by [...]