Monthly Archives - January 2017

Are you willing to pay the cost of disorganization?

Here’s some more motivation to complete your January challenge of getting organized: Average late fee for a bill: $25 Extra interest on late credit card bills: $20 Lost gift card/discount card: $25 Missing return receipt: $50 Failure to cancel by deadline: $50 Missed conference registration deadlines: $75 Late airfare purchase: $100 Missed rebate request:$15 Lost warranty repairs/missed extended credit card warranty: $100 Missed deadline for reevaluating insurance: $100 Failure to file claims:  $30 Missed coupons: $5 Failure to cancel Dr. appointment/lesson/tutoring/etc.: $50 Do all of these 3 times in a year and they equal [...]


January Challenge: Organize Your Paper & Cloud Files

One of the top resolutions for many people each year seems to be “getting organized” and that generally includes paperwork!  There are lots of reasons as to why you should do it this year and cross that resolution off your list! The Goal:   Implement and follow a paperwork management system that includes an organized and secure cloud folder. The Benefits: Save time and frustration when working on other tasks this year. How can you expect to put a net worth statement together or [...]

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