Monthly Archives - September 2016

Don’t Get Taken to The Cleaners!

Avoid these 20 Mistakes with Property and Casualty Insurance  Here are 20 ways you can mess up your P & C coverage that can cause the insurance company not to pay claims. Now, not all of these are 100% accurate for every policy in every state, BUT they are worth examining and discussing with your company or agent. Mistakes we make as homeowners:  1. Not telling the insurance company (or county assessor) about any improvements made like finishing the basement or remodeling a [...]


Boring Chore Saves Real $$$

Could we get this as a Tweeter headline? Maybe if we added that Donald Trump says, “Boring Chore Saves Real Money!”, then we’d get lots of readers. We frequently ask people if they would take a junk job for a few hours a week at convenient times, would they do it so they could retire earlier. Most say, “YES”! Well, here is a boring job that will save you substantial money AND time in the future. It’s called (drum roll please…) [...]

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