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Letters To Myself

My greatest fear is losing myself…It’s not just Alzheimer’s or dementia, but that I’ll forget the lessons I’ve painstakingly learned about facing tough challenges head on or those of being responsible and not causing others unnecessary pain. I don’t want to be that old person who shouldn’t be driving and hits a child. I don’t want to be the one who is too proud to ask for help from family, so I get swindled by asking the first person who is nice to [...]


How HR Can Help In Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb

There’s a ticking time bomb out there that can cause collateral damage for your employees and lost productivity for your company. We don’t know how long that procrastination fuse is, but we know it’s lit! The bomb is the lack of legal documents. We don’t mean just wills either.  Having the right Powers of Attorney and HIPAA authorizations for family members can save time and heartache. In a medical emergency, would your employees have the correct documents on hand to help a loved [...]


Defusing the Legal Documents Bomb

It’s time to get you’re A-team in action!There’s a family bomb out there and the procrastination fuse is burning. Almost every client we speak with says something to the effect of “Estate planning is on our to- do list. We really need to get it done”, or “My parents haven’t gotten any documents yet and they keep saying they’re going to and haven’t!” Our standard follow-up is, “Have you got yours done yet?” There are lots [...]

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