Monthly Archives - July 2016

What’s your child’s future and what are you doing to influence it?

Anybody who has a child has had at least a flashing thought about their future after high school.  It’s easy for it to flash through and then think…oh, but first I need to…STOP! First, you need to put a time on your calendar to start addressing this issue within the next 2 weeks. Set aside an hour this month to explore the topic and start discussions with your child.  Many years ago I was working on an education class, my [...]


Downsizing Debt

The average household has $15,762 of credit card debt, according to the 2015 American Household Credit Card Debt Study. If you have student loans, the average is $48,172. If you carry car loans, the average is $27,141. In total, the average American household has $130,922 of debt and $2,630 is the average interest on credit card debt. That’s a really nice vacation or college savings! Another startling and disturbing fact is that consumers consistently and vastly underestimate how much [...]

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