Monthly Archives - April 2016

Who to Let Go Of & Who to Hire!

The last blast was about supervising your working dollars, because they’re like teenagers and need supervision! You made a list of your “employees” and some of their characteristics such as asset class. Determining the percentage of your current portfolio in each asset class is the toughest part of the assignment and might have required some digging. Once you had the list, you were to enter the investments into an asset allocation software that would help you determine the [...]


Checking up on those Working Money Employees: AKA – YOUR INVESTMENTS!

You might have noticed a recurring theme at Fiscal Fitness Clubs. Ignoring your money is costly!   That can be especially true of investments.  Investments are those future paychecks that are going to pay for your goals. They’re your employees, and can you imagine ignoring employees for oh, a couple of years?  HA!  Your investments (like kids or employees) need supervision on a regular basis.  Our Action Class this month is broken into two parts, because there is a lot [...]

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