Taking Control Classes

Who can attend?

  • Employees whose employer is offering the classes as an employee benefit
  • Human Resources professionals and employers interested in experiencing the class first hand before implementing it at their workplace
  • Anyone around the country interested in joining one of our virtual clubs

How do I attend?

  • Attend the live class held at your employer’s location
  • Participate in the live video conference class
  • Listen to the recorded class available to Club Members and spouses by logging onto your online classroom

Orientation: Let’s get to know each other and get organized!

Before we begin digging into the fun money stuff, we want to get to know you better and why you’ve joined the club. Here you’ll meet your coach, your peers, and how we will work together for the next few months. We will then cover the technology tools you’ll have access to, how to use them, and where to find them in our client portal and online classroom. This will ensure we’re ready for smooth sailing going forward!

Class #1: Getting Ready to Change

This session is the first one you take after signing up. Members can also retake if you want to get re-motivated! Getting ready to change includes: identifying and clarifying motivation, goals, and decision making styles.

Class #2 – Understanding your Current Patterns

In this session we will review past expenditures, identify what needs to change, and learn how to overcome the probable roadblocks to your success.

Class #3 – Diving into the Numbers

This session includes detailed budget work and establishment of new specific spending goals, which creates a clear, concrete, and measurable path to your success!

Class #4  – Creating a New Master Plan

This session brings together all of the components to make an easy-to- track master plan with individual achievable goals defined.

Celebrate Your Success!

Let’s be honest, facing our money head on and taking control is not easy! But, with our help and the support of your peers it is possible. This is why we believe it’s important to CELEBRATE our success together during our last class! You are no longer getting ready. You ARE NOW READY to get what you want from your money! WooHooo!!