Club Meetings

Who can attend?

  • Employer Group Club Members
  • Virtual Club Members
  • Individual Club Members can schedule individual check in meetings with their coach

How do I attend?

  • Attend the live club meeting held at your employer’s location
  • Participate in the live video conference meeting via a link provided to you by your coach
  • If you miss your designated group’s session, check with your coach to see if there is another time available for your group

Monday After Work Club @ 7 p.m.

We like to have a quick “Monday Moan” and then brag about how well we did on the weekend. We then get our tasks out of the way quickly!

Tuesday Lunch Club @ 1 p.m.

We munch on our brought from home lunches while we stay on track with our goals.

Our Friday Before the Weekend Rush Club @ 1 p.m.

Our Friday afternoon club happens before the weekend rush, so we can focus on what we really want vs. what takes us over on the weekend!

Saturday Break Club @ 1 p.m.

We like to start the weekend reminding ourselves of what’s important with our money!

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